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   FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hope for a banner-exchange with you?
Yes, you can! In my sight banner-exchanges are some kind of recognition and compliment to each other. It's also a good way to keep up the webcomic-scene.

Furthermore the banner-exchange with Lytherion Legends das a special benefit for you: While your banner normaly is put into any link-collection, which is seldom visited though, a random selection of my partners is displayed directly on the mainpage here. It changes with every click, so that the chance for your banner to be displayed and seen by visitors is really high.

So if you want to become a partner, just write me a mail (I do not bite! ) with title, a banner (200x40px) and a short description of your comic.

If you want to link up 'Lytherion Legends: Blade of Souls' just use one of these banners:


How can I contact you?
Just write a mail to info(at) or visit the Lytherion-Forum.

Do you do advertising on yor website?
Generally not. The "Lytherion Legends"-website has ever been free of ads and will always be. Only my partners are those I support with my website, and that's definitly not the same!

What about this "Lytherion Legends"-thing? Is the comic's name "Lytherion Legends" or "Blade of Souls" now?
The "Lytherion Legends"-project originally started as a german pen-and-paper-RPG-project. The idea to create one or more stories in this world was very obvious to me. More and more the following comic-project called "Blade of Souls" became a very different one but still based on the RPG-backgrounds. So you can say, that "Lytherion Legends" is the name of the whole project and "Blade of Souls" the subtitle for the comic-project.

Are there more comics planned?
Yes, there are. "Blade of Souls" will not be the last story in the worlds of Lytherion, that's for sure. Though "Blade of Souls" itself has a closed story, so there will no "Blade of Souls 2" be in the future. That's all I'd like to say in the first instance without to detail.

How long did you work at your comic?
I am working since 2004 on it. But due to personally problems I had to do two greater breaks in the time, so that my buffer ran out with the time and I did not complete my time schedule. Sorry for that, folks!

Somehow your drawing-style seems to change even within the comic. Is this intended?
More or less. "Lytherion Legends: Blade of Souls" is my first greater mangastyled comic-project. So in the time there have been progressions. Influences shaped my style and the whole comic may appear some kind of experimental if you compare each 20th site. But at all it's more my intention to tell an epic story and also to learn from the project.

Which elements do you use for your comicsites and artworks?
Like as the style also my methods and tools changed with the time. One thing never changed: The full comic is traditionally handdrawn with fineliners. There are only some effects and elements (like the bubbles) added by Photoshop (working with version 7). For the shades I use grey Copics. Full-colored sites are also done with fineliners & Photoshop. I also have a Wacom graphictablet, but it's rather a dust-collector for me. I prefer to draw at dead trees ... my PC-colos? I do them with my mouse.

How often are new sites published?
A weekly update is the goal again after the long break. Wednesday is Lytherion-day!

Why is your whole comic/website available in German and English?
That's quite simple. I am a german artist and besides the original form I keep up an english version to arrive people all over the world, and yes - it's a lot more work. English is not my native language, though I do the full translation by myself. I don't have a read-after-write checker, so I do not expect to have an english form fully free of mistakes. So if you find self-evident mistakes, so please tell me to correct them.

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