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A mysterious army of demonic warriors pervades the lands of Lytherion, leaving a trail of devastation, death and desperation. The once wise and noble king Gamos deals out fear and agony to all kingdoms and estates...

When Neyus and Leandra get to know each other they find parallels in their past related to the Dark Legion. They decide to walk on together to look deeper into the mystery of this legion... unknowing how deep these ways may guide them into the eternal war between light and shade...

A great adventure begins. But very soon they recognize that they engaged themselves to an dangerous game with great forces; for a return it's too late...


Leandra   Neyus   Lady Kalindra   Lhyran   Adayan   Catharia
Leandra   Neyus   Kalindra   Lhyran   Adayan   Catharia



Age: 17 years (Chapter 1: 7 years)
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Sorceress (Basic: Mage)
Height: 1,72 m
Patron God: ?
Weapon: Elementary Magic

"Is it right to follow your destiny even if you have to hurt innocent souls and those you love?"

Due to the intrude of the Dark Legion and her mother's death she escapes into the woods at the age of 7 years, where she is found and risen up by the elven mage Adayan. He discovers Leandra's unusual talent for elemental sorcery and and begins to nurture it with great zeal.

Ten years later, when she is adviced by Adayan to leave the woods to face her destiny, she meets Neyus and decides to go along with him to discover the mystery of the Dark Legion.




Age: 20 years (Chapter II: 10 years)
Race: Lunaryx-Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Knight (Basic: Warrior)
Height: 1,84 m
Patron Goddess: Lythera, Water
Weapon: Sword

"If you have a great goal in your life prepare very well - even if it takes up your whole life!"

Neyus is from an ancient elven tribe, the Lunaryx. When the Dark Legion destroyed his village and an unknown man killed his parents in front of his eyes he tighly could escape the massacre.

On his escape through the woods he met in an ancient temple a mysterious woman who chose him to be the wearer of the holy blade of souls: Acvaron, fear of all evil.

Several years later he starts as the last one of his tribe his own campaign against the Dark Legion, permanently following the trace of his parents' murderer...




Lady Kalindra

Age: ?
Race: ?
Gender: Female
Class: ?
Height: 1,92 m
Patron God: ?
Weapon: Magic / Sword

"Never trust on your eyesight."

As keeper of a mysterious temple in the secrecy of the deepest woods of Axoria she consigns the key for the descruction of the Dark Legion to Neyus: The holy blade of souls - Acvaron.

She accomodated him and teached Neyus the martial art of swords...

There is very less known about Lady Kalindra, but she seems to be a great magician with also the powers of a seer.

She never talks about herself and act cold in her own kind of ways...





Age: 32 years (Chapter 1: 21 years / Chapter 2: 22 years)
Race: Human (?)
Gender: Male
Class: Assassin (Basic: Thief)
Height: 1,88 m
Patron Goddess: Heroya, Fire
Weapon: Handblades

"Those who hesitate will die first."

Lhyran is the Dark Legion commander and once the lifeguard of King Gamos.

During the first attacks of the Dark Legion against the other kingdoms he killed Neyus' parents before the eyes of the 10-year-old boy. He is considered as unscrupulous and kills his preys without wastig time for words or feelings.

Since the murder and the neary extermination of the Lunaryx he is hunted by Neyus.





Age: 102 years (Chapter 1: 92 years)
Race: Wood-Elf
Gender: Male
Class: Wise (Basic: Druid)
Height: 1,62 m
Patron Goddess: Atrasia, Wind
Weapon: Natural Magic

"Do not fear the future - all is predestined and follows the will of the gods."

Adayan, living in the deep woods of Axoria, is a master of magic. Adayan is often afflicted by apocalyptic visions in the night and his pronouncements rise hackles in wide parts of the elven people. They brought him the disrepute of a heretic charlatan.
br> When Leandra escapes into the woods after the attack of the Dark Legion, he puts her up and raises her. He discovers her high ability for magic and teach her to handle the might of the elements.





Age: 16 years
Race: Chennara
Gender: Female
Class: Warbarbarian (Basic: Barbarian)
Height: 1,68 m
Patron Godess: Phydion, Earth
Weapon: Hooves and fists

"A battle? Quick, tell me where...!"

As one of the less Chennara Catharia came from the axorian Northern Mountains. Like the most Chennara she loves to fight and the challenge to go to her limits for it.

After a badly fall into a canyon she was found by some Medala village people and taken to their elder Davaron for regeneration.

Unexpectedly her way crosses up with Leandra's and Neyus' there right before the storm of the Dark Legion against the village of Medala.

When she begins to see the great challenge in her abilities, she doesn't hesitate for long after Davarons request to stand them aside in the further fight against the the Dark Legion.



Leandra   Neyus   Lady Kalindra   Lhyran   Adayan   Catharia
Leandra   Neyus   Kalindra   Lhyran   Adayan   Catharia
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