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26.03.2017 - '' is back online!

Lytherion Legends - Blade of Souls is a webcomic-project by Sascha Björn Riehl, started in 2002. Due to personal reasons and lack of time the project was cancelled in 2009 with a heavy heart after seven hard years of work.

Well, I did not want to throw away all the effort and the great story unseen. Furthermore, looking at these pages, I also look back at a great time and a significant increasement of my personal drawing skills (just compare the first pages with the last ones ). So I decided to bring back the full page online for everybody.

If you are interested in my actual projects, visit, or my DeviantArt page.

I like to thank all my loyal longtime readers and promise at this point:

This is not the last chapter of Lytherion!
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